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established in 1992

The first story of the house was built in 1851 by Philander King. John Downing, one of the founders of the limestone quarries in Beachville, purchased the home in 1880. In 1902, the second story was added. The house remained in the Downing family until they sold it in 1969. Beachvilime Ltd. retained the house for several decades before selling it to The Beachville District Historical Society (founded on 18 February 1975) for $2 in 1992.

Beachville hosted the First Recorded Baseball Game in North America. Here, you can take a photograph with the plaque that designates this momentous sports event. See early examples of catchers' gloves, cedar bats and woolen baseballs, or hear about the rules that influenced how early games were played.

The Beachville District Museum is home to a vast selection of historical artifacts from Beachville and the surrounding region (upwards of 6500 pieces). During your visit, marvel at collections of agricultural tools displayed in our two large barns. Learn what domestic life was like at the start of the twentieth century by exploring period rooms in our beautifully-restored house. Tour exhibits about the history of the limestone quarries and view mastodon bones, rock fragments and other archaeological finds. Or, peak into our rotating galleries to see what’s new.