BDM Summer Camp Policies



A complete registration form must be submitted with all fees (paid in full) to the Museum along with a copy of the Camp Policies. The Camp Policies must be signed by the camper’s parent or legal guardian. Visit for forms. Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.


All fees are due at the time of registration, prior to the commencement of camp.

Hours of Operation

For the 2019 calendar year, Beachville District Museum Summer Camp will be in operation from July 1st to August 30th on Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

Drop off & Pick Up

Please remember to sign your campers in individually. If you have any details for the Camp coordinators that are special to that day please let us know.

Please don’t forget to sign your campers out. If you have more than one child attending camp, please sign them out individually. Please remember to remind the campers to bring any items home with them. Children will only be released to persons authorized by the parents/guardians. Parents and guardians can authorize another pick up person in writing; however, identification will need to be presented at time of pick up. Children are to be picked up at 4:00. Attempts to contact the parents or guardians will be made after 4:15. If by 4:30 we have not had contact with the parents or guardians the emergency contact will be notified.


Beachville District Museum organizes a range of physical activities for campers.  When registering your child to our camp, you agree that they are physically fit to participate such activities. Any concerns you might have should be disclosed to staff prior to booking.

BDM Authority

For the duration of the camp, Beachville District Museum reserves the right to take whatever steps necessary to maintain the safety and wellbeing of its staff and camp participants.

Medical Matters and Emergencies

At the time of registration, you are asked to identify any medical concerns regarding your child(ren). Permission is given to administer medication, if required. Medicine must be labelled with the child’s name either by prescription labels or by you if it is over-the-counter. If your child will be missing camp because of an illness, please contact the Museum to let the coordinators know.

Agreement is given for your child to leave the site in an event of an emergency under supervision. In case of outside emergency during camp hours, if you need to contact your camper, call the Museum directly at 1 (519) 423-6497. If you can not get a hold of Museum staff, please leave a message for the Camp facilitators in order to be passed on to your camper.

Campers with Special Needs

The Camp will use its best efforts to accommodate campers with special needs. A lot of our activities can be modified for full participation by all. Sufficient advanced notice must be given to the coordinators by the parent/guardian of the camper so that accommodations can be made.


On occasion, Beachville District Museum will take photographs and videos of children during their time with us. The content is solely for the purposes of advertising and documenting the institution’s history. Images may appear on third-party materials, such as websites and leaflets. When enrolling your child in the camp, you’re asked to either provide consent for this or to opt out.

Safety of Personal Information

Beachville District Museum respects the privacy of all individuals. It is essential for us to collect information about our campers and their families for registration and safety purposes. The information we collect is stored in a secure database and all hard copies are contained in a locked area of our office. Information is only viewed by the Museum staff and camp coordinators. At no time will we share your confidential information with an external third party.

Accuracy of Information

It is essential that we have accurate information about your child. If you find that information has been incorrectly entered, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can update our records.   

Camper Code of Conduct

All campers who participate in the Museum’s programs must conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner by respecting the facilities they are in, the staff that is on-site and the equipment that they make use of. Camp is not a place for bullying, violence, discrimination or intimidation.

When disagreements arise between campers, a staff member will serve as a mediator to assist the campers in resolving their differences.  When campers are unable to participate in such a discussion, they will be removed from the group activity until they are willing and able to discuss the issue, after which they may rejoin the group activity. 

In the event that a camper causes physical injury to another camper or staff member, intentionally causes damage to personal or public property, intentionally jeopardizes his/her safety or that of another, or manifests behaviour which is overly disruptive and disrespectful, the camper will be removed from the group, notification will be made to the persons listed on the camper’s emergency card as emergency contacts and request for the camper to be picked up from camp.  Readmission to the camp will be conditioned upon the resolution of a follow-up meeting between the camp personnel, responsible adult and camper.  In extreme cases, the camper will be denied readmission and withdrawn from the camp.  Any decision barring the camper from returning to camp will accompanied by a letter from the camp director to the responsible adult stating the reasons for the decision. Copies of the letter will be maintained in the camper’s records and distributed to the responsible adult and the Board of Directors.


The Museum reserves the right to cancel any seasonal program. Under these circumstances, a full refund will be provided. Any cancellations at any time prior to the program (July 1st), due to illness or injury, will receive a full refund of registration fees. A medical certificate must accompany your written cancellation request. A 25% non-refundable administration cancellation fee will be held for cancelling admission to a seasonal program.

Late Arrivals, Early Departures or Absence: Fees are non-refundable for campers arriving late or leaving early. The camp’s registration is full, so if a camp slot has been booked, full fees are payable.   

Assumption of Risk 

  • I understand the seasonal children’s programs involve general physical activity that the camper will be involved in and I understand that there are risks associated with these activities, including risk of injury. I understand that Beachville District Museum does NOT provide medical, accident or injury insurance for my benefit.

  • I also understand that, in the event any conduct on the part of the camper gives rise to any claims against me, the Beachville District Museum will not be responsible for any of the camper’s conduct and I may not be covered by any liability held by the Beachville District Museum.

  • The Beachville District Museum reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any camper prior to the termination of the program period. If, in the opinion of the director or coordinators, the applicant has failed to conduct him/herself in a reasonable manner.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Museum via telephone at 1 (519) 423-6497 or by email at

 Updated 1 May 2019